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JW2P4: Mistletoe

In the poor lighting of the auditorium, two figures were close together, muttering to themselves and one of them handing something to the other. Shadows flickered across them, and they stared at each other, grinning broadly. Emerald and sapphire eyes alike twinkled with a sort of hidden secret that only they knew.

"Okay, I think all the mistletoe is up." Jeremie whispered, winking as he and Aelita went ahead with their devious plan.

Aelita nodded and carefully hid the box within a pile of similar boxes that were going to be recycled. For her part, she had been the distraction every time she saw Ulrich and Yumi, using idle chatter to keep both of then suspecting anything while Jeremie set up mistletoe in key points- places where he thought the two would most likely be hanging around. Jeremie gave a small smile and started to descend the ladder, momentarily staring at their secret weapon. Panicking when they heard Ulrich and Yumi coming closer to their position, they froze in place, trying to think of what to do in the short moments they had left until both of the lovebirds came into the room.

"Run!" Aelita urged, picking up the ladder and running with it under her arms once Jeremie was firmly on the ground.

Jeremie nodded, and without another word, they fled from the "crime scene", hiding just in time to hear both of them enter the part of the room they had been in mere moments ago.

"I'm thankful that you let me borrow your scarf, Ulrich. It's freezing in here!" Yumi bit her lip and repressed a shiver.
"Hey, don't sweat it." Ulrich replied causally, handing Yumi a cough drop. "I mean, after you caught that nasty flu and all…"

Yumi gave an appreciative smile and continued walking with him in the almost empty auditorium. Ulrich grinned back at her, glad that she was slowly getting better. Aelita lightly set the ladder down on the floor as quietly as she possibly could, but was disappointed when the sound of metal hitting wood echoed eerily around the room. Ulrich immediately flinched, looking around for the source of the noise but finding nothing that could have possibly made it.

"Oh, no…" Ulrich muttered, staring at the ceiling.

Hanging above them was a small spring of mistletoe, almost invisible due to the lack of lighting. Yumi followed his gaze and blushed heavily upon sight of the small plant.

"Whenever I find Odd, I'm going to kill him…" Ulrich muttered darkly. "I bet he has Milly and Tamiya somewhere here, ready to post the picture of us on the latest edition of the school paper.
"Well then, let's make this quick…" Yumi whispered, grinning from ear to ear.
"Wait, huh-?" Ulrich was cut off as Yumi kissed him, then quickly escorting the madly blushing Ulrich out of the room.

Behind the curtains of the stage, Aelita and Jeremie poked their heads out, looking around to make sure both Ulrich and Yumi were gone before they fully revealed themselves.

"That was a close call, huh Aelita." Jeremie sighed, wiping the sweat from his brow. "Aelita?" he asked when he didn't hear a response from her.

Turning around, he was about to ask if she was alright, but was greeted by the sight of Aelita holding a sprig of mistletoe above them, grinning slyly. Before he could register was about to happen, Aelita kissed him several times, leaving him with three pink lip prints on his face.

"I… uh… well… erm…" Jeremie stuttered, unused to not being able to form coherent sentences to describe how deeply he cared for her.
"Merry Christmas…" she lightly breathed in his ear, and took off, turning around to motion him to follow her.

Grinning boldly, Aelita hid the mistletoe in her pocket. She was sure she was going to need it again during this holiday season.
Ah, the liked/despised plant famous for people slyly giving their sweetheart a kiss.

*cough* Stupid cold... fever... thing.
memoire-blanche Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Very cute! I like how you included Yumi and Ulrich, too. ^^
Aslan1 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
Awwwww, it was just so sweet, and i loved the sneaky trick Aelita did on Jeremie.
AelitaBelpois Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Why, thank you! I'm sort of experimenting with different personalities for the group, and seeing how it all turns out. :D
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